Public Health Authorities are advising individuals who are not ill to wear a face mask or visor when entering closed
spaces. Customers and staff in retail outlets, banks, in port terminals, on Gozo ferry and on public transport are
required to wear a mask or a visor. Visors can be worn alone or together with a mask. Persons visiting banks are
advised to wear a visor, since masks may not be permitted for security reasons. It is the responsibility of employers to
provide appropriate masks or visors for their workers.
The use of face masks helps reduce the spread of infection in the community by limiting the spread of infection from
infected individuals who may not know they are infected, who have not yet developed symptoms or who remain
asymptomatic. The wearing of masks will therefore enhance the effects of physical distancing. It is important to note
that face covers are not meant to be a replacement for physical distancing; observing cough and sneeze etiquette;
maintaining meticulous hand hygiene and avoiding touching one’s face. Wearing of masks or visors is required in
addition to these measures, which should always be maintained.


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