Standards on the Use of Face Masks or Visors/Face Shields in the Community for
decreasing COVID-19 Transmission
This document provides guidance for the general public on the use of face masks and visors/face shields in
communities where local transmission of COVID-19 is reported.
Mandatory use of face masks and visors/face shields
IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by articles 26 and 27(c) of the Public Health Act, the Minister responsible for
public health, after consultation with the Superintendent of Public Health (Legal Notices 326 and 327 of 2020), has
made the following regulations:-
Any person who is:
• inside retail outlets;
• travelling on public transport;
• travelling between Malta and Gozo including in the respective Ċirkewwa and Imġarr terminals;
• within the terminal building of the Malta International Airport; and
• within the terminal building for passengers travelling by catamaran or by cruise liners,
shall at all times wear a visor or medical or cloth mask.
The Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks (Amendment No. 2) Regulations (LN 335 of 2020) introduces the
compulsory wearing of visors or medical or cloth masks when ‘obtaining a service or visiting indoor public places’.
This would include places such as the following:
• persons going into government departments/Ministries/public sector entities, persons attending the court
building, hospitals, health centres, educational establishments,
• lobby and common areas in hotels; guest houses, common areas in restaurants when not seated at table,
• persons visiting indoor museums; libraries; indoor art exhibitions,
• persons visiting banks and financial institutions.
Any person who fails to abide by the provisions of these regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on
conviction, be liable to the payment of a penalty of hundred euros (€100) for each and every instance in which these
regulations are breached:
Provided that if the offence is admitted and the penalty is paid before proceedings are commenced before the
Commissioner for Justice, the penalty applicable shall be reduced to fifty euro (€50).
The use of facemasks is also recommended in private cars when driver and passengers do not belong to the same

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